Tea Party Patriots of Fairfax Meeting

In Attendance: ~50 Patriots.

Its our mission as the Tea Party to turn our government to a much more limited government.

Guest Speaker: Patricia Lyman and John Mosley

Patricia Lyman:

Immigration Law Attorney that works with persecuted Christians around the world. Illegal aliens are not the same as immigrants.  Both have nothing in common with each other.  This is the only place in the world that allows pluralistic ideas to come forward.  Only in America, do we call those people that live, work and obtain citizenship Americans.  In any other country like France, they would never be considered French.

The attorney calls it Border crashing. They cannot assimilate and support themselves here.  They cannot make it here unless they tap into every gives out under the sun.  Because of the situation, they are in, they will always vote for maximum benefits.  They have an addiction to public benefits.

If we lose on illegal immigration, we lose on everything.  Because of the tipping point, when they reach the majority of voters, we lose it all as Republicans.  We lose Life, Guns, Second Amendment, Family choice and more.

Trump on the Border Wall.

  1. This resolution is a spending bill.  This legislation does not change any law.
  2. These are simply conditions attached to this set of money for this current bills period.
  3. There is other money that is already being allocated to build the wall.
  4. The president will take the military budget to go and build the wall when the rest of the money has been depleted.
  5. The local officials cannot veto the wall.
  6. DHS and HHS are both sharing information between the two agencies to find and seek correct amnesties.


Jon Moseley, Attorney:

Trump will need surgical experts when it comes to working on the budget.  No one within the administration has really done a deep dive on how this might work until lately.  Paul Ryan told Trump to wait till after the election to work on the border wall.  There is a law from 2006, within the federal appropriations office.  The law allows the emergency to be declared.  When the emergency is declared, it says you "shall" do it.  Its concrete within the law.  It must happen when the national emergency is declared.  

  1. The law says, when its been textually committed to Congress the courts touch it anymore.  Because Congress placed this in the sole hands of the president.  It is committed to Congress.
  2. The original Emergencies act could have been declared it as a resolution.  But the Court decided that it must be passed as proper legislation.
  3. When the President decides it is an emergency, it becomes by law an emergency.
  4. When Trump, in his press conference said, he didn't have to do this.  By a lawyers perspective, it shouldn't have been said.  But an honest judge won't see this as a problem.
  5. Within the existence of an emergency, doesn't mean you have to declare it as an emergency.

The level of detail is amazing.  It will depend on the lawyers.

Eric Golub - Comedian

Three Words: Justice Brett Kavanaugh

If Liberals want to Compromise

  1. Take their bathrooms away.  They don't need bathrooms.
  2. If they want to remove greenhouse gases, lets just remove their ability to produce them.

Rich white liberals mess up everything.  California would be fixed by going to the southern border.  Hiring Illegals and telling them to legislate and get to work!  The only thing the left has, is identity politics.