Facts About Our Writers

Why write for Daily Journo?

  • Daily Journo offers writers of all experience a place to post and store articles.
  • Each writer is given a personalized archive. You name your page what you want, promote yourself with a picture and bio, and even integrate it with social media or other blogs.
  • All Articles will qualify and are published.
  • The best Daily Journo writers have the chance to become Featured Writers.
  • Our writers are given the freedom to cover exactly what topics they are most passionate about.

Who should write for Daily Journo?

Every human being that has a desire to say something or write something. 

What Content is Selected for Publication?

Daily Journo accepts a wide variety of content in order to encompass the many perspectives that surround life. Showing passion for your life will get your content published. We want to know what makes you aware of life!

Are Daily Journo writers compensated?

Yes. Daily Journo is for personal brand growth. This is an amazing platform to self promote and increase experience in the online publishing industry.

Daily Journo Pays our standard of 70% commission of all ads brought into the site per pageviews by the author.

Have a question that the FAQ’s didn’t answer? Email us with your questions at info@dailyjourno.com.

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