Writing for Daily Journo

Daily Journo was launched in 2019 with the aim of helping people stay up to speed with what was happening and where.

Our payment model means that our authors will receive income for their writing while sharing their personal stories with people from around the world. It’s a win/win.

Want to know how it all works? Make yourself comfortable!

We pay our writers 70% of all gross income that Daily Journo brings in from advertising and subscriptions each and every month. The other 30% is used for running Daily Journo.

Each writer gets paid for their page views per month per gross income of 70%. Here’s an example to help this make sense.

Daily Journo brings in $1000 for the month of February with a total of 1000 page views - 70% of that is $700.

In that month, four authors receive page views:

  • A1 receives 200 views - 20% of the total views.
  • A2 receives 500 views - 50%.
  • A3 receives 280 views - 28%.
  • A4 receives 20 views - 2%.

The $700 gets split by those percentages:

  • A1 receives 20% = $140.
  • A2 receives 50% = $350.
  • A3 receives 28% = $196.
  • A4 receives 2% = $14.

Simple huh?

If a post doesn’t get any page views, it won’t earn any money, but with good quality writing and personal stories, that’s pretty unlikely.

These earnings will continue for the life of Daily Journo. If  "A1" story is still getting page views three years later, "A1" is still earning money without even trying.

The payment process is equally simple. Each month we will take 70% of the advertising revenue generated and split it using the process above. The money will be deposited into the author’s Daily Journo account and will be shown on the author’s personal dashboard. Monthly notifications will also be sent to authors.

The money can be withdrawn into PayPal accounts at any point although PayPal charges $1 for each transaction, so a withdrawal of $100 will result in a payment of $99.

While we’re keen to get original content from authors, we’re offering the same payment terms and conditions for authors who share their existing content with us. If authors have news and broadcast it via Daily Journo, they’ll tap into our global audience and generate revenue at the same time! What’s not to love?

The secret to success here is in getting people to read the articles and visit the site - the more people visit, the more people will click on the adverts and generate revenue. All authors are actively encouraged to share their posts via social media and spread the word of Daily Journo as far as possible.

We’re actively recruiting people from authors around the world, and our dream is to have views and news from as many authors as possible, building a flowing stream of news for everyone to enjoy. Come and help realize that dream.

Just send us a message and we will get you started writing for Daily Journo. http://dailyjourno.com/contact.aspx