Brandon Muir at CPAC

President of Reclaim New York

Our activities and jobs don't define us.  We have to fight for what aligns us.

All Dream Jobs require "People Management"

Core values of people.

  1. The fundamental beliefs of a person or an organization.

When you manage a remote team, you have to express to them the core values.

How do you lead?

  1. By example.
  2. Tech tools.
  3. Command and Control.
  4. KPIs - Key performance indicators

Start with your why.

We should ask ourselves, what is our why?

In New York, we fight for our economic freedom because we have to work to pay for our family.

In the organizational context,

  1. Identify the organizations core values.
  2. Secure buy in from every memeber of the team.
  3. Live by our core values.

We have to define our core values as an organization.

At Reclaim, they have 5 core values 

  1. Citizens First.
  2. Born in fire.
  3. Massive Mission.
  4. Unvarnished Truth.
  5. Creative Culture.

Leadership - is the actions they take in our absence.

What do you do?