Dan Crenshaw at Cpac

We don't become leaders to lead, we become leaders to make an impact.

It's about connecting and inspiring your team.  The rest is simply management.  

So we question how do we lead the conservative movement forward.  You have to start by explaining your values with them.  You have to start by sharing our values.  Instead of sharing about what the other side does wrong, we have to start sharing what we believe in.

There are no limits to the Left.  There are limits to the right.  It's because the constitution, we are limited.  So how do we explain these values of the right. Why do we share our values?

  1. Personally responsible - we have to teach personal responsibility.  We shouldn't expect others to be responsible for us.  It isn't sustainable to do such.
  2. We have to be mentally tough, competitive and disciplined - we have to wait.  To limit ourselves for delayed gratification.  If we are undisciplined, we can't sustain our selves.
  3. Sense of duty - we believe in the red, white and blue.  We have to believe in our duty.  The left wants to undermine the foundation of our country. They don't value the country the Left is apart of. Love of country is a culture war.
  4. Virtue - we must inscribe in God we trust because virtue comes from God.
  5. Liberty - we can't have liberty unless we have a lot of other things.  Mentally weak people can't compete in a free market.  Because they are easily offended.

Any other country that promotes these values, it is sustainable.  You have to explain the people the why behind the what.

You have to explain to people that it's their time, it's their money and their property.

Conservatives are the ones who defend the culture.