Redistricting States

State Innovation Exchange had a conference about redistricting.  Where Democrats got together in 2018 and talked about redistricting.  They want to redistrict.  That's where it all matters.

In 2008, the most trusted person because someone like myself.  It's incredibly important.  So we can go out and talk to people that we know so we can move allegiances.

Real and fake organizations are tweeting. All to ferment the identity politics.

Democracy alliance is who controls the thought of it all. 172 verticals within the democracy alliance.  They are not interested in agreeing with supporters.  This is where they interested in beating the competition, R.

33k orgs under this organization.  Climate parents, climate truth, frackers, forecast the facts, climate truth, some of us, faithful internet, faces of fracking, raging grannies,  they want to compartmentalize America.

Fitz bit media. Trevor fitz. New Heads media took over the portfolio.  The guardian, huffington post, BuzzFeed and more.  This was the marketing group that all these organizations use for PR.

Tom Steyer is expecting to spend 20 million in the race.  In the last 19 days of Virginia election, 13.1 million got dumped into state to elect gov. Northrom.  

Democrats attack the knee caps.  Because we are right and Americans believe in these issues.  So they have to attack R. Personally in order for them to lose.

- Bill Meierling