Candace Owens at CPAC

Two years ago, I thought that the left championed minorities.  The left has tried to destroy her. Maybe conservative principals would be good for the black.  Even Obama said the American dream is to be like Trump.

How is it possible that the Democratic party who started the KKK, Jim Crow etc, that they have the black vote.  It's because the Republicans gave up culture.

When Joy Behar mocks conservative values and even marriage.

The left has infested culture at every single layer. Kamala Harris saying she smoked pot and listened to Tupac and Biggy while in college is just trying to find the black vote thinking they are dumb.

Democrats want black America to stay broken.  They want to continue giving blacks hand outs instead of hand ups. Democrats don't think they can lose the black vote. 

The secret to Blacks and converting them is telling them the truth.


  1. America is not racist.
  2. Abortion is murder - progressive policies always move to regressive results in the black community. Governor Cuomo said we can rip babies at 9 months. In NY, more black babies are aborted than alive. Over 18,000,000 black babies have been lost since 1970.
  3. Racially motivated police brutality is a myth - father absence is not.  The destruction and the break down of the family is hard.
  4. 3.6 million citizens live below the poverty line. Yet the Democrats want to worry about Hispanics first.

What makes America great.  It's our philosophy.  Our philopshy is common sense and freedom.

It's common sense that the black community shouldn't be governed by left ideaology.  The left cares about the politicing of fear.  She is called racist, Nazis etc.

We need to step back into the culture of America. We can do that with God.  We as conservatives need to invade the culture war. 

The left is terrified right now.  Because if we move the black community by 5 percent, we win. We have to start showing them the truth.

If you stop viewing yourself as a victim and start viewing yourself as a Victor, you can achieve the American dream.


Written quickly to quote Candace. All quotes might not be 100% accurate.