Bible Reading Plan Week 1, Genesis 6

God finds that there is an increase in corruption on Earth.  By all men and women.  He then finds favor in Noah.  He explains to Noah that there will be a flood upon all Earth.  Noah is to build a boat, an Ark.  To take with him, his family and the animals upon Earth.

Genesis 6

  1. .
  2. Capitalized my Spirit.
  3. Every Intention of man's heart was only Evil.
  4. The Lord Regretted he has made man.
    1. It grieved the Lord.
  5. The Lord was going to blot out man, animals and creepy things from the earth.
  6. He found favor in Noah.
  7. Noah was a righteous man.  
    1. Blameless in his generation?
      1. What does blameless in his generation mean?
    2. Noah walked with God.
      1. He loved God.
  8. Noah had 3 sons.
    1. Shem.
    2. Ham.
    3. Japheth
  9. Earth was corrupt
    1. Earth was filled with violence.
  10. It was corrupt.
    1. All flesh had corrupted it their ways on the Earth.
  11. God was determined to make an end to all flesh.
    1. It was filled with Violence.
    2. He will destroy the Earth.
    3. It's interesting to see that God changed his mind once he saw Noah.
      1. That Noah was righteous.
      2. We have the ability to choose.  If we choose to be with the Lord, he will save all the Earth for just 1 person and his family.
  12. Make yourself an Ark of gopher wood.
    1. What is gopher wood?
    2. He wanted the ark to have a pitch.
  13. The ark will be 300 cubits in length.
    1. 50 cubits in width.
    2. 30 cubits in height.
    3. What is the length of a cubit?
  14. It will have 3 decks.
    1. A roof.
    2. A door on the side.
  15. He will bring a flood of waters upon the earth to destroy all flesh.
    1. Everything that is on the earth shall die.
  16. He establishes a covenant with Noah.
    1. With Noah's sons, wives and Noah's wife.
  17. He brings every living flesh.  
    1. Two of every kind.
    2. Both Male and Female.
  18. Brings animals according to their kinds.  Not types.
    1. He brings only 2 dogs.  Not two of each type of dog.
  19. Every sort of food.
    1. It shall be used as food for you and them.
  20. Noah did all that God commanded him.

Takeaways - 

Noah didn't bring every animal species onto the Ark.  He only brought animals of their kinds.  Noah wasn't commanded to bring adult animals either.  He was commanded to simply bring animals.  So fitting all animals on the Ark could mean to bring animals in their youth, which were smaller and more compact.  

Noah found favor in the Lord.  It's interesting to see that only Noah found favor and not anyone else.  One person out of thousands or millions of people.  It's sad to see that only one person was found to be in favor of the Lord.

A covenant is made here between God and Noah.