Day Trading ISIG and GAXY

Woke up and got started a little late this morning at 7:40 AM.  So I missed a key dip buy opportunity.  Under the PDT rule, so I only had 2-3 trades today.

ISIG - saw this stock at 7:45 this morning.  Missed the initial dip, but thought it lined up with the things I look for.  Low float 7.8M which is under 10M, Dip Buy, Previous support from earlier in the morning.  I saw this stock at 1.24, which I should have bought.  It went up to 1.70 after market opens.  I would have closed well before that at only a 10% return.

GAXY - I jumped on this one and didn't take profits right away.  I jumped on this based on Tim Sykes Price alert and shouldn't have done so.  I learned today that I should not follow Tim Sykes trades.  He tends to trade before he alerts, the reaction time is too slow and he seems to be a market maker.  So the market moves based on his alerts and he takes the profit of those alerts.

Lessons Learned

I won't take Sykes trades when he alerts on stocks going up nor trade on his breaking news.

I need to make sure to wake up earlier to find stocks like this.