Day Trading SCKT

Today is another day.  I woke up earlier today to get down stairs and review stocks.  I saw MGEN and SCKT.  MGEN has a huge float, not something im interested in.  SCKT was a former runner just a couple days ago.

SCKT - I saw a dip moment and bought in at 3.57 at 7:56 AM.  I sold at 3.77 at 8:32 AM.  Made 5% on this one.  I knew I could probably hold for longer since the float is low, but I took profit right below the vwap.

The next purchase I will look for and watch for is a bull flag pattern between 10-11AM.

Lessons learned

The dip buys in the morning continue to work for me. Thats when the most volume is in the morning, so I tend to stay trading in the morning.