Day Trading UUU and APOP

Today was an alright day.  I broke even on two trades.  Which had me up in the morning and then down in the late morning.

UUU - I bought this stock at 8:20 AM after I saw it hit a dip and started to go back up.  I then sold at 8:27AM.  Only 7 minutes later.  If I held longer through the consolidation, I would have made 20% on this purchase.  But instead, I walked away with 8%.  This was a low float, with 2M and it was a clean break over previous highs.

APOP - I bought this at 9:14 AM expecting it to push up past 2.03 which it did with a dip and rip, but not the break I expected.  If I closed this when it it 2.06, I would have made profit, but I held expecting a larger push.  It didn't when I sold it at 11:15AM.  Later in the day, it pushed past 2.09, so if I held it longer, I would have made money.  This was a 2M float, so I did expect larger volume to enter it.  But I should have waited till the end of the day, know this was a low float and it had to consolidate first before it would push up.

So breaking even isn't a bad thing.  I reset some of my settings on my screen to help make me more aware of the stocks I would get into vs the stocks I shouldn't.  Following my updated settings will help me decide quickly to not watch a stock.