Genesis 8

Genesis 8 Reading Notes

  1. God remembered Noah and all the animals and He started to dry the land.
    1. Did God forget about Noah and the beasts?
    2. God talks about ALL.
    3. Noah spent a year and 17 days on the Ark.
    4. Does God also remember us?
    5. The wind reminds us that God is in control.
    6. We should remember that when tribulations are over, God will relieve the wind and hope for better days to come.   It took a while for the waters to be removed.  We don't get out of a tribulation over night.
  2. Fountains and Windows were closed.  All rain was restrained.
    1. It seems heaven isn't a place, but rather just use of the word sky.
  3. The waters receded and abated for 150 days.
    1. Whats the significance of 150?
    2. Its interesting the use of water.  Why not use another substance, like fire?
  4. Seventh month of the 17th day, the Ark came to rest on Ararat.
    1. Ararat mountains are in far East Turkey, near Russia.
    2. Significance of 7 again.
  5. On the 10th month, on the 1st day, the tops of the mountains were seen.
  6. Noah opened the window of the Ark at the end of the forty days.
  7. Noah sent a Raven to fly to and fro.
    1. Why a raven?  We never hear about the raven, but always the dove.
    2. This raven didn't have a gender.
  8. Noah then sent out a dove.
  9. The dove found no place to land.  Noah put out his hand and brought the dove back in.
    1. The dove couldn't land on the mountain tops?  But it seems the dove had no place to land as of yet.
    2. Its interesting that the dove is a her and not a him or even an it.
  10. Noah waited another 7 days to send the dove.
  11. The dove came back with a fresh olive leaf.
    1. I wonder if this is why the olive branch is a sign of friendship?
    2. Only after of the water receding, an olive tree had already grown.
  12. Noah waited another 7 days to send the dove, sent her and she did not return.
    1. She didn't take her mate with her.
  13. On year 600, month 1, day 1, the waters were dried from the earth.  Noah opened the ark and the ground was dry.
    1. Its like starting fresh.  day 1.
  14. Month 2, day 27 the earth was dry.
    1. another 7.
  15. God said to Noah.
    1. Its interesting this sentence is the entire verse.
  16. Go out from the Ark, along with your family.
  17. Take all animals with you from the Ark and leave it.
    1. Starting fresh.  It might have been hard for Noah to leave, but he should leave.  To start a new life.
    2. Be fruitful and multiply.
  18. So Noah left with his family.
    1. Why didn't he try to live in the Ark?
    2. Notice how Noah and his sons go first.  Then his wives come along.
  19. All animals went out by families.
    1. Did they make babies, since they are no longer 2 by 2?
  20. Noah built the altar and offered burnt offerings.
    1. Noah didn't build the house first, rather he build the altar first and make sacrifices to the Lord.
  21. Lord smells the offerings, Lord promises to never curse again as he knows now the man is evil from birth.  Neither will He ever strike down every living creature.
    1. God can smell.
    2. Is God walking with Noah, since He can smell his burnt offering?  Does God roam the earth at this time?
    3. man is evil from birth.
  22. While the earth remains, seasons will still continue.
    1. seed time and harvest shall remain while the earth remains.
    2. So don't expect a meteor or total destruction because seed time and harvest need to still remain?