Trading DRAD

This morning, I traded DRAD and knew exactly what to look for this morning.  I found it this morning before hours on a gap up and a high volume stock with low float.

I traded it twice this morning.  DRAD already had 2 Million volume on a 4 million low float.

  1. I bought the bull flag after seeing it dip and come back up.  I bought it at 8:06 AM at $3.16 and sold it at 8:16 AM at 3.30 hitting my 5% in a matter of a couple minutes.
  2. I then rebought it at 9am for $3.19 and then sold it at $3.22 for just a couple cents.  I bought it at a dip, and expected it to go back up.  But it took a bit of time and it finally hit my limit order at $3.22.

I felt good today about these trades.  They were pretty much aligned with exactly what I wanted to happen.  Wish I would have found this earlier.