Trading ONCT and HOFV

This morning felt like a regular trading morning.  I was up on the computer by 7:30AM looking for my low float stocks.  

  1. I found HOFV this morning with a 3.6M float. It looked prime to get a strong float rotation so I bought it at dip this morning at 7:58 AM and sold it at 9:39 AM.  I took home 10% on this stock, but if I held onto it longer, I could have gotten the rip at over 100%.
  2. I saw ONCT form a small dip buy opportunity at 11:11 AM and purchased it.  I sold at 11:16 AM for a 4% profit. It was a perfect dip buy based on its ZSCORE.

Im done trading after making 14% today.  Im very happy with my profits and its starting to really work out.