I woke up late this morning.  It didn't go well as I missed the good dip buy moments for big spikers.

BLNK - I saw the bull flag appear at 11:56AM.  I bought in, but it went down pretty quickly from the fake flag.  So I bought more after it hit bottom at 12:13 PM.  I then sold all at 12:42 PM.  I made enough to make it worth it.

BLU - I saw the bull flag at 2:39 PM.  I bought in.  I quickly sold at 2:47PM for a 3 cent profit.  Nothing big, but I had a large size.  If I waited for longer, I could have made much more.

DNK - I saw the dip buy at 12:35PM.   I then bought more at 12:48PM.  I sold I leveraged down and made good for a 10 cent profit after selling at 12:51PM. If I held a bit longer, I could have made more, but the huge fall was terrible right after, so I am glad I didn't.

FCEL - I bought on the bull flag at 11:57 AM and sold quickly at 11:59 AM. I did alright here for a few cent profit with a small position size.

JCPNQ - I bought in at 10:20 AM held while this OTC returned from its dip.  I flattened my shares at 10:55 AM for my biggest profit of the day.  These tend to continue upwards over vwap and if I did hold for longer, I would have returned a lot more nearly doubling my profits.

SCKT - This was the morning low float.  I was expecting this one to do what most morning low floats do and spike up for a 20-30% win, but this one didn't do that.  I bought in at 9:28AM.  I sold after setting a limit order on this low float at its first peak of 9:39AM.  This was a surprise recovery and it sold while I wasn't watching.  It made my day to close this one.

I will continue to trade my stocks that I like the most.  The OTC morning panic, the Momentum stocks and dip buys on the biggest movers of the day.