Today I didn't again wake up on time.  I should certainly be down in front of my computer by 7:30AM, but today I was down around 8:30AM.  I need to work on this.

ADTX - My account with TD Ameritrade had some issues today not allowing me to take more Buying Power.  So I wasn't able to leverage down on this trade like I do sometimes waiting for the win to happen.  So I lost a bit, but if I was able to leverage down, I would have certainly come out on top.  I bought at the dip at 10:24 AM.  I sold for a loss at 1:15 PM.  There were several times I could have closed this for a break even, but I wanted a profit and that outweighed my need to break even.  Tomorrow, my account will be fixed allowing me to leverage down and win this tiny losses.

BRTX- Bought the morning panic on this OTC stock.  I bought at 9:47 AM and sold at 9:50 AM for a large profit.  If I waited a bit longer, I could certainly have doubled my profit on this OTC panic.

CBAT- I bought and sold this stock twice today.  I saw the morning BULL flag at 9:53 AM which I quickly bought in to and sold at 9:58 AM.  I then bought again at 2:25 PM expecting a move upward on the additional bull flag, but instead it fell and I got out.  My win this morning and my loss in the afternoon made me break even on this one.

FCEL - I saw the dip buy at 2:28 PM and bought in.  I quickly sold at 2:37 PM for a small 4 cent profit.  If I waited a bit longer, I could have scored bigger.  Seeing the under VWAP mountain peaks, I could have waited till it hit nearly close to an earlier mountain peak which would have made more score a bigger profit.

HUSN - I bought this morning lot floater at 8:19 AM.  Knowing this is a low floater, I held on for a bit.  I tend to on these morning low floats either till I make a solid profit or after morning market opens and it rips.  I sold this at 9:16 AM for a nice profit.  If I held longer, I would have certainly done better, but I set a limit order on this one so I was out, when it was hit.

NAKD - I bought this one at 9:59 AM and quickly sold at 10:09 AM.  I was very happy with this hit, but if I held for longer, I would have done much better.  Almost gaining 60%, but rather, I only made a few percentage points on this one.

Again, like yesterday, if I held for longer while going up, I would have done really well on some of these stocks.  I think its about time to set up a trailing stop on the morning moving stocks.  So I can lock in better profits.