Genesis 9 Reading Notes

  1. God said be fruitful and multiply.
    1. Also aligns with Genesis 1:28.
  2. The fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast.
    1. They are in charge of the animals.
    2. They can eat the animals.
    3. This is why animals run away from us as humans.
  3. Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you.  I gave you green plants as well.
    1. Jewish people think about this verse?
  4. Don't eat flesh with its life, its blood.
  5. I will require a reckoning for the human lifeblood.
    1. Capital punishment.
    2. Lifeblood of man to man requires a reckoning.
  6. Whomever sheds mans blood, his blood shall be shed.  For if you kill man, you are killing Gods image.
    1. Life is special to God.
  7. Be apart of Gods plan.
    1. As apart of being fruitful, you get to be apart of Gods plan.
  8. God said to both Noah and Sons.
  9. I establish my promise with you and your offspring.
  10. This promise is for every living creature that came out of the Ark.
  11. I promise to never kill off the Earth with a flood.
    1. I will destroy it one day by fire.
  12. The sign of the covenant is the rainbow.
  13. The rainbow shall be the sigh of the covenant between God and the Earth.
  14. When the clouds come and a rainbow is seen.
  15. God will remember His covenant not to destroy Earth.
    1. Remember in Hebrew is Acar.  To act on someones behalf.
  16. Continues to remember the covenant between God and all things on the Earth.
  17. The rainbow is the sign of the covanent.
  18. Shem, Ham and Japheth were the sons of Noah from the Ark.
    1. Ham being the father of Canaan.
  19. From these 3 sons, the whole Earth was dispersed.
  20. Noah was a man of the soil.
    1. Planted a vinyard.
  21. Drank his wine, became uncovered in the tent from getting drunk.
  22. Ham found Noah drunk in the tent.  He told his brothers.
  23. Shem and Japheth covered their father, while also not seeing their father.
  24. Noah awoke and knew what his youngest son had done.
    1. Ham was the youngest son.
    2. Canaan were the enemies of Israel.
    3. Shem was in the line of Jesus.
  25. Noah cursed Canaan as a Servant.
  26. Shem was the father of the Jews and Canaanites were the cursed people.
  27. Enlarge Japheth and let him dwell inthe tents of Shem, Canaan be his servent.
  28. Noah lived 350 years after the flood.
  29. Noah lived a total of 950 years.


Covenant, the legally binding contract is very important and used quite often in this chapter.