Genesis 10 Reading Notes

  1. These are the generations of Noah.
    1. Ham, Japheth, Shem.
      1. The generations of the sons came after the flood.
      2. Japheth generations came first in listing.
  2. The sons of Jepheth.
    1. Had 7 sons, 1 being Gomer and Javen.
    2. His sons will see the promised land.
  3. Gomers generations of sons.
    1. Had 3 sons.
  4. Javans generations of sons.
    1. had 4 sons.
  5. The coastlines of people, were spread out, in their own languages.
  6. Hams sons.
    1. 4 generations of Ham.
    2. 1 being Cush.
    3. The sons of Ham, are Israel's enemies.
    4. Hams son is Canaan in which Ham who was cursed. 
  7. The sons of Cush.
    1. 5 generations.
  8. Cush father Nimrod.
    1. Nimrod wasn't described in verse 7.
    2. Nimrod was the leader in building babel.
    3. Nimrod was a trouble maker.
  9. Nimrod was a mighty hunter before the Lord.
    1. Makes me think Leader.
  10. Nimrods kingdom was Babel.
    1. Nimrod built 
  11. Nimrod continues to create kingdoms.
    1. Nimrod was an acient hebrew warrior, who translates to Rebel.
  12. More kingdoms are created by Nimrod.
  13. Egypt fathered many.
  14. Egypt fathered 7 sons.
  15. Canaan fathered 2 sons.
  16. Canaan fathered a group of people, to the actual name the people were given.
  17. Continues to talk about clans of people that came from Canaan.
  18. Continues to talk about the clans of Canaannites.
  19. Describes the territories of Canaanites.  From Gaza and beyond.
    1. Canaan was the enemy.
  20. We start to talk about the sons of Ham.  Their clans and languages.
  21. To Shem, was the father of all children, he was the oldest of Noahs three sons.
    1. Why is Shem last, but also the oldest?
    2. His offspring inherited the promised land, who displaced the Canaanites.
    3. Shems name means Fame.
    4. Shems family line is the line of Jesus.
  22. 5 sons of Shem.
    1. one of which being Aram
  23. Sons of Aram.
    1. 4 sons Arpachshad being one.
  24. Sons of Arpachshad
    1. 1 son of which is Shelah.
  25. Eber is the son of Shelah.  Eber had two sons.
    1. Sons name is Pelag, from 2 sons.
    2. The Earth was divided.  Pelags brother was Joktan.
  26. Joktan fathered 13 kids.
  27. More of Joktans kids.
  28. 3 more of Joktans kids.
  29. 3 more sons of Joktan.
  30. Describes where Joktans descendants lived.
  31. These are the descendants of Shem.
    1. The line of Jesus.
  32. These are the generations of Noah.
    1. This closes out Noahs generations.
    2. Noah lived 950 years, to see some of these generations.
    3. It doesn't describe the ages of these generations, not knowing how long they lived.
    4. So we don't know length of these generations lives.